Keith's Piano Story

I’ve been making noise with musical instruments since I was a kid. I took guitar lessons from Sister Grace at Catholic school. She used to create guitar picks by cutting triangles out of the tops of food containers.

Over the next 30-plus years, I have taken guitar lessons from several instructors. I took singing lessons from a man named David “The Maestro” Kyle. He was actually quite famous. He taught Liza Minnelli how to sing, and many other crazy talented people. I’m sure he’s passed away by now. He was quite old when I met him.

I learned about electronic music from a friend who has since passed away (RIP brother).

Much of music journey has been me just figuring stuff out on my own and piecing together some knowledge of music theory. I still spend an inordinate amount of my time making music. I’ve found that if I don’t make music, I find life to be more difficult and frustrating. Music is my therapy.

Now I have kids and I want them to learn to play the piano and happened stumble across Andrew’s Youtube videos. I instantly liked him. His sense of humor is silly and he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to piano.

I had considered skipping a couple of the music theory videos, but since they’re short, I watched them. I learned something in every video.

Of my three kids, my six-year-old son is really into playing the piano so far. The four-year-old wants to play too but her hands are so small, we just push the keys together.

For me though, I regret not learning piano when I was a kid. All that music theory that I learned would have been so much easier to learn on the piano than it was on the guitar. The piano is the most perfect instrument. I love it. It clicks for me.

I’m just getting started with piano. I can’t to see where it takes me musically.


Lovely story, thanks so much for sharing! Music is definitely great therapy. Hope you and your kids enjoy learning this wonderful instrument together! :blush: