Mashiro's Piano Story

It all started in 2018 octoberish, novemberish… One of my friends at school forced me to watch “Your Lie In April” an Anime about a pianist with a tragic story and to my surprise I LOVED IT. They featured a lot of classical music through story telling and it was beautiful. It was the first time I discovered “my classical music” it was the Chopin’s etude op25. no.5, Kreislers Liebesleid and of course the all mighty Chopin’s 1st ballade in G minor. I fell in love with the music and the story, feeling quite empty after finishing it. The way they presented the music with stories really was magical. Nevertheless I learned more about classical music and started to check it out a bit and it really caught my attention, I realized that there is Piano music out there for everyone! Everyone’s preference and style. The real kick was when one of my friends played piano at my grandma’s place, since she had a 64 year old baby grand Riga piano. I was so impressed! I don’t remember exactly when but then I just started going to my grandma’s place and mashing some buttons trying to learn something. The first thing I ever learned was megolovania XD. To my surprise I found enjoyment in it and even after a few weeks and months had learned some stuff, albeit terribly but I had so much fun! I started playing daily, going daily, my parents where really confused haha but then I surprised them with my very first piece I learned that was a soundtrack from the anime called “Watashi No Uso”. Then for about a year I was playing, trying to learn random stuff out of my league of course and with poor quality, not really knowing any theory. BUT around June, July of 2020 summer I tried learning Chopin’s “Grande Valse Brilliante” and injured my arm. I caught tendonitis, a terrible injury that is tricky to heal and one can acquire it by playing incorrectly. That was a huge blow and my hand did not stop hurting so I stopped playing piano for a while… It was scary. Then I decided to learn theory and found Andrew’s yt vids and ended popping up in his discord! Been there ever since the 22nd of July, I think. I learned so much theory and the way of the Piano as well as meeting awesome people to talk to about music, really nice. At that time I decided that I need my OWN piano, that isn’t out of tune and works properly! So I worked 3 summer jobs, thanks to Andrews points found out what options are the best, waited patiently and together with my parents we ordered the FP-90! Arrival took only 2 months :))))))) cough. Now I am on the track of healing my hand, progress has been really positive so far and looking good! Practicing daily and correctly thanks to my new teacher. The biggest lesson for me was how important it is to take small step by step, a small easy piece by piece and building my own skill level up as well as the importance of a teacher, she taught me how to play without tension basically in 1 lesson, something I could not do more than a year by myself and so much more. So yeah thanks for reading, see ya at discord.


Awesome, Mashiro, great story! I still can’t believe your piano journey is only 2 years old!

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Yes, I agree with Ren, you’ve obviously come upon something that lifts you up and beckons you in such a way you are unable to resist. Probably the spirit of Chopin whispering quietly in your ear! Love all the different paths that have led us all to meet :slight_smile:



I’m reading your story again Mashiro, and I gravitated to the end of your story where your teacher taught you how to play without tension. In learning the piece for the next recital, I’m finding my jaw setting to one side as I practice! I always thought practice was relaxing, but am beginning to wonder …