Matthew's Story

Hi all!
My interest in piano is 100% Andrew’s fault

I play guitar and drums however it has always been more of a hobby. (something I have always wanted to do well and learn) I was never taught music in school, and came from a family that couldn’t afford lessons of any type.
Fast forward to now, in my 30’s, I have relit the flame for music. I found Andrew’s Music Theory classes on YouTube a few months ago and the difference in my guitar playing is night and day!

All of that to say, I used this ancient Technics keyboard that I have no idea why I have along side the video’s at first and am simply hooked.
I feel like the piano unlocked music for me. It has made me better at my “primary” instrument (guitarist invading a piano space sorry!) as well as developed my ear and general understanding of music! I find myself going to the piano first now to try out new ideas or play with the scale I want to work in.

I of course want to learn how to play and play well. My primary goal and drive with piano however is to be a better musician overall.

I am excited to see where this journey leads. Thank you for letting me join you all!


HAHA I love this!

Great story, thanks so much for sharing! It’s so cool that piano has help you with other instruments!


Seems like Andrew has a lot to answer for! :smiley:


Indeed! LOL

But we’re all grateful to him for it :grin:


Thanks for sharing your piano story :pray::musical_keyboard: