Music in Media Club Wrap up - 13th February 2021

Enter the Super Piano Brothers!
The lads introduced themselves first up, Oscar and Wesley being the original Piano Brothers with Alex joining them down the track. Each let us in on their musical background, where they studied to get where they are today, which was incredibly impressive to say the very least!
For the most part, they chatted to us of what they do regarding composing music, from gaming and videos to film.
They talked about how music is so important in feeling emotion in film and media, without it there would be no atmosphere, suspense, drama, fright etc. Even the silent movies had a pianist playing a score along to the film in the theatre to enhance the experience.
It was really interesting to hear how composers can ‘manipulate’ (my word not theirs) our feelings and thoughts with music.
We were asked for input as to what we wanted out of the club and what experience in music we had.
They also wanted to know what we’d like to see in the next meeting, and they are keen for that feedback.
All in all, it was a really interesting meeting, hosted by three down-to-earth, music/piano enthusiasts with a passion to share that enthusiasm and also interact with those that attended, leaving us all wanting more and keen for the next meeting!

Homework was to listen to some of the Interstellar soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, and then listen to the Super Piano Brothers play Outercosmic: Themes from Interstellar (video link supplied) and compare it to the original soundtrack.