My Piano Journey (Ren)

I’ll probably edit this as I remember more, but want to at least get something down :grin:

It took me until my 40s to truly start learning to play, but I can remember loving piano about as far back as I can remember. There was a piano at my grandparents’ house and it was always the first thing I’d run to whenever we’d visit during my childhood. But I never really got further than playing “Chopsticks” or the piano song from the movie “Big,” heh heh.

My first semester of jr. high I took music as an elective and started to learn the clarinet. However, silly kid that I was, I would never practice (and actually forged my mom’s signature on my practice records so that I wouldn’t fail, haha :sweat_smile:), so I decided not to continue on the following semester (AAAAH STUPID KID!!! :laughing: :sob:).

One of my high school friends played the piano very well, and it renewed the desire in me to learn. A piano class was actually offered at school, however, the times conflicted with my most important academic classes, so I wasn’t able to take advantage of that opportunity.

Piano lessons never seemed financially feasible to me. As the internet developed and self learning resources began to appear I tried my hand at that a few times, but never got it to stick longer than a week or two. Playing with both hands seemed so daunting, and as the years (and decades) passed I started to accept that playing piano was probably just not something I was capable of doing…

Then about 5 years ago, I started playing the game Final Fantasy XIV, my first online RPG and computer game using a keyboard and mouse. I was reeeaaally slow to learn it (took me about a week just to learn to walk around properly, haha), but it drew me in so much that I was firm in my resolution to play it. After about 4 years, I attained a level of competence that I never would have dreamed I was capable of reaching. And I learned how much of playing correctly is dependent just on the development of muscle memory…

Not long after that, the concept that piano is also largely about muscle memory hit me and I began to realize that maybe I actually WAS capable of learning to play piano. After all, fighting high level boss monsters in FFXIV required the use of both hands, doing very different things (one controlling the keyboard and the other the mouse, in often intricate movement patterns). My progress had been slow, but I’d done it, so why couldn’t piano be the same?

And so, I began my self-learning piano journey once again, this time with real belief that I could do it. Very quickly I found Andrew’s videos and that even further cemented my desire to learn piano. I started practicing on the piano at my church and began to shop used markets for a piano of my own. About that time I also discovered the Piano Planet app (which, to my surprise, was made by the very Andrew of the videos!) and Discord community, where I was convinced to buy the Roland FP10, even though it felt soooo pricey, heh heh. (And I’m very glad I did take that plunge!)

(Okay gotta actually do some work now so I’ll have to come back and finish out the last bit of my story a bit later, heh heh.)


Wow that is such a fantastic story Ren! It’s so cool to hear the journey that got you to learn piano. Who would’ve thought FFIVX would be the path that gave you the confidence to start learning. It fills my heart with warmth that you’re finally following your childhood dream!!! :heart_eyes:


So cool that so many paths can lead us to where we want/need to be Ren eh? What a wonderful story :smiley:


Good to hear that i’m not the only player of Final Fantasy games here :blush:. I also love their soundtracks :notes::musical_keyboard:

Yes, definitely great music!! :blush:

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