Pascal's story / journey

I’m a complete beginner when it comes to piano playing. And to be honest, piano was not my first love in terms of instruments. It was, and actually still is, drums. Sadly I never learned to play the drums, something I regret till this very day.

I never took up playing drums due to my first music teacher in school. Everyone will agree that music notation is not the most fun part to learn. But this teacher had the talent to make music notation even more boring than it really is. That let me to turn away from it and that is the reason why I never started learning drums or music theory for that matter.

Many years later in my life, about 10 years ago, I decided I really needed to start learning some instrument. Since drums would be too noisy in the house I chose the piano. I also found Andrew’s piano lessons on Youtube and started to watch and practice along with the videos. But unfortunately I gave up after about a month or so. This was completely my own fault. Somehow I could not stay motivated; I guess the busy professional life was to blame.

Anyway, today 10 years later, I decided to start the journey again. But this time I need to hang in there! I still remembered Andrew’s videos and these where once again the first lessons I took. This is also how I stumbled upon Piano Planet. To be honest, I haven’t done much with the app yet. I bought a book (Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course) and started from page 1.

The book is fine but I’m looking to get some feedback while playing and exercising and this is where the app comes into play. I’ll probably start the lessons in the app as well. What I’m really missing is a good training schedule; a training schedule that grows with my piano playing. The book is great though and explains everything very well but the training exercises are a bit on the thin side I believe. Maybe the topic ‘training schedule’ could be one of the topics in Piano Planet?

My goal is not to learn how to play songs perse. Instead I want to master the piano playing technique so that I can improvise at a later stage. Of course, learning a song here and there along the way is fine and probably even helpful. Also, I confess I’m not so into classical music playing. My interests are more into pop, blues, jazz, maybe a bit of funk music. I’m a few years over 50 and I hope I’ll reach a decent level of piano playing some day.



Thanks for sharing @phibon!! I hope you WILL decide to pursue playing the drums; I think there are pads you can buy to practice drums without all the noise a regular drum set would make. Find a way to make your dream happen! :smiley:

But we’re also very glad you’ve joined us to learn the piano as well! Eventually the app will be a great tool for guided lessons–tailoring lessons to each individual learner is exactly what Andrew wants the app to do, but development wise it’s still far off from that (getting this sooner than later is is why we need the crowdfunding campaign to be successful, heh heh). But yes, I understand the frustration of not having direction for training. I’m trying to work on a learning plan for people, based on the schedule my teacher has me on + Andrew’s videos, but I’m still working it out, plus I’m still in my first year myself so mine probably won’t be useful for anyone except absolute beginners, heh heh. Hopefully we will, indeed, grow more resources like that by more experienced people as this forum fleshes out.

Regarding feedback, you can always post videos of your playing into #your-stage here or in the Discord app (app is currently more active than the forum so you’re more likely to get more feedback there for the time being).

Good luck as you start working through the videos again! If you have any questions let us know. And make sure to go through both the Learn Piano and Learn Music Theory courses! :slight_smile:

Thank you Ren!

I have been reading / following your training guide posted elsewhere on this forum. Since I am a complete beginner it is useful info!
And yes, I will also watch the theory lessons Andrew made.


Oh! Glad to hear it has been useful to you :smiley: I wasn’t sure if it was helping anyone or not, and the format looks like of messy to me, so I hadn’t added any further lessons yet, but if you think it’s worth it I can definitely add some more soon. I also want to add in suggestions like ear training and other stuff, but I’m just not sure where/how to fit it in without overloading everyone, haha.

Thanks for sharing your story Pascal, I’m really glad you decided to give it another go. Hopefully the learning experience with piano will enhance that busy professional life :slight_smile: I’m pretty much the same as you in that I like jazz, blues and standards too. I have to say though that the Performance Club has opened my eyes more and more to classical! It’s really the first time it’s been presented to me in such an interesting way. Good old Mashiro! :smiley:
I’ve been frustrated too, with my practice regime, which actually didn’t exist and I wasn’t going anywhere fast, but have only just worked out the best way forward for me and I’m enjoying it a lot more now. What and how I practice is all right there for me and I don’t have to think about it.
Looking forward to sharing the journey :smiley: