Performance Club Wrap-Up, January 26th 2021 - Lidia Kotlova

For this meeting we were graced with a live performance by Lidia Kotlova of Lidia Kotlova Piano Studio.

Bio Video:

She played for us the 3rd movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata:

(What we saw was live, but this is what she played :smiley: )

When asked for advice about becoming a classical piano performer she informed us of the harsh realities of doing so:

“You will have no other aspects of life, I don’t recommend” and “If you don’t play for a month - you loose your skills. And very few people appreciate classical music.”

Definitely a tough road to walk!! But it was an amazing performance by her today and we were all really grateful she took the time to play for us :blush:

Homework: Listen to a few pieces from Lidia’s channel and listen with a family member or a friend then pick one favorite and share a piece of hers on social media, (for those who have social media) We will share next time! :slight_smile: Or if you can’t join in, just send it in the chat and tell us what you liked about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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