Practice Club Wrap-Up, March 4, 2021 - How to prepare and execute a performance

Practice Club Meeting #19 3/4/2021 Topic: How to prepare and execute a performance

  • First thing is to be prepared, you should know your piece at least a couple weeks in advance.

  • Do not practice the piece on the day of your performance.

  • Remind yourself to enjoy the experience, you’re not playing for them, you’re playing for yourself.

  • It’s normal to feel a bit nervous, this is because our amygdala is fearing the social loss as a threat to us. To calm yourself down, you need to tell yourself it’s normal to be nervous, and that feeling nervous is actually fun, people would pay money to go on a rollercoaster or go to a haunted house. If you try to enjoy the nervousness, it will disappear.

  • When you walk up to the stage, move slowly, take your time, be Jame Bond. If you move with confidence, it will trick your body into feeling confident and the audience will also take notice.

  • Focus ONLY on what comes next. Don’t judge as you play. Assume everything you did was exactly the way you wanted it to go.

  • Homework: Try putting yourself in a piano performance situation that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable. (playing for family members, friends, your cat, or people on the discord server.)