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Welcome to the Piano Planet community Forum!!! :hugs: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As pianists we spend a lot of time practicing alone , it can be really nice to hang out with other pianists who understand the struggles we all go through and offer advice or support . We have an opportunity with the internet to reach out and connect with people we never could have met before! Let’s make the best of this technology to create a world we all want to live in.
Here are a few rules to keep in mind when using this forum.

  1. You will treat others on this server with a high degree of kindness and respect. Unwanted criticism, being pedantic or just not being kind to others, may result in a kick or ban.

  2. No spam. You will not use text or voice channels to post repeated messages, links, advertisements, contests, asking for subs, flooding, or unsolicited gifts deemed by administrators to be off topic from this server.

  3. No drama or flame wars. If things get heated in an argument, agree to disagree. Repeated fighting or causing drama will not be tolerated and one or both parties may be banned or kicked.

  4. Follow the law and rules of society at large. You will not conduct any illegal activities and/or communications while you use this server.

  5. You will not harass, mislead, spam, abuse, threaten, bully, or harm any person in this server in a verbal, sexual , and/or physical way.

  6. Young Users : If you are under the legal age in your country, you need parental or guardian permission to use this server. If you are under 16 you cannot share:

  • 6-1. Your real last name.
  • 6-2. Your age, or birthday.
  • 6-3. Your street, or city address.
  • 6-4. Any pictures of your face or something that could identify you.
  • 6-5. Any other personally identifying information. (Be on the safe side)
  • 6-6. Any of the same information about any other minors you know.

These rules are part of Child Privacy and Protection law, and if they’re violated then we have to remove them by law. So please make it easy on us. We want you to stay safe online, so we also suggest you don’t take DM’s from other people you don’t know, and always ask your parent if you need help.

  1. By using this server you agree to the current Piano Planet Terms:

Rules Enforcement
If a person is found to be in volition of the spirit of the rules by admins or moderators, they will first be told privately that the behavior was in violation and a first warning will be issued. If the same person breaks the rules again after being warned, there will be a 2nd public warning and a 7 day suspension of privileges to the Piano Planet server. If the person breaks the rules a 3rd time, the user will be given an immediate lifetime ban from the Piano Planet community.

These rules for use may change at anytime , it is the responsibility of each person to monitor any changes to these rules and follow them.

The point of these rules is to establish common ground so people feel safe so that we can build an enjoyable community for people to grow and get something positive from being here. We’re excited to have you with us! :heart: